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Residential Services

Residential services are provided at the Intermediate Care Facility for the Intellectually Disabled (ICF/ID), located in Dubuque, Iowa.  Hills & Dales is one of only three licensed residential ICF/ID’s in Iowa that specializes in services to children with disabilities, high medical needs, and significant behavioral presentations.  Hills & Dales is licensed to serve 59 individuals within the residential program. This program operates twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year.  Each person receives individualized support and services to maximize his or her skills and abilities. In many cases skill development is very intense and extends throughout their lifetime.


Nursing services are provided around the clock.  Hills & Dales’ commitment to on site 24 hour nursing provides individuals with significant medical and health issues the opportunity to continue living in a dynamic developmental environment.  Many of the specialized treatments and therapies that the Hills & Dales nursing staff administers are not available in many ICF/ID environments.


The residential program also provides services for persons with significant, challenging behavioral presentations.  All staff receive specialized training focusing on communication, relationships, and de-escalation techniques to promote and maintain safety for persons supported.

Hills & Dales is able to provide residents the opportunity to have changes and modifications made to their personal adaptive or mobility equipment.  The Hills & Dales Adaptive Equipment Technician can also customize wheelchair seating systems to fit each individual.

Hills & Dales collaborates with a diverse range of professional consultants and community organizations to assure that comprehensive supports and services are available to meet the needs and desires of each resident.

Adults living at the Residential Center learn various life skills through the Life Training Center (LTC), which is located at our Community Center in Dubuque. This program makes Bogey Tales Dog Treats that are sold in various locations, with all proceeds supporting the people who make them, and complete various other projects.

Hills & Dales Notice of Privacy Practices for Residential Services