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Cuddly Cubs (Infants):

At Hills & Dales we are committed to making the transition away from home natural for you and your infant. Each baby is assigned their own crib and cubby. The nurturing teachers will work with you in developing an individual care plan for your infant. Daily routines and experiences are created around this care plan. Using the Creative Curriculum your baby will build trusting relationships with the teachers. As parents, you deserve to know everything that happens while your baby is in our care. Through daily sheets and daily communication, teachers can inform you of your baby’s day.

Parent Testimonial

Hi, Lis – I wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much we love Hills and Dales and the teachers in the infant room. They are SO wonderful with Teddy and with me as a new parent!  I’m so happy that he loves coming to daycare and that I don’t worry about him one bit when he is there!

In Our Classroom:

Our nurturing environment supports development of growing minds and bodies. Sensory experiences are found throughout the classroom. Soft books allow babies to be introduced to literacy while staying safe. Mirrors around the room allow for curious little ones to explore their refection. Nurturing teachers provide lots of cuddling laps and open arms for babies to feel confident and comfortable in.

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Little Lions (Toddlers):

Toddlers at Hills & Dales are busy moving and exploring the world around them. Everything is a new experience from their first steps to first words. Our classroom supports safe exploration and movement. Soft play structures allow the toddlers to climb and explore safely and improve coordination. Using the Creative Curriculum supports friendship, confidence and self-esteem. Our daily group experiences allow children to discover as a group and learn to play with other children. Toddlers are introduced to sensory materials to touch and discover.

In Our Classroom:

The toddler classroom is set up for independent exploration and movement. Our large space provides the toddlers to move safely around. Music and Movement is part of the daily routine and musical instruments are available for toddlers to discover their sounds. The dramatic play center allows for pretend play and dress up. Sensory tables are changed regularly for new exploration.

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Movin Monkeys (Twos):

These curious minds never stop exploring. Two year olds are learning something new with each new experience. As they learn to communicate, our teachers support the children in developing these skills. Our two and three year olds are increasing independent. The children are allowed to choose what activity they want to play with and independently move throughout the classroom. This age is gaining a better understanding of group play through our circle time and group activities.

In Our Classroom:

Two year olds are all about independence, they want to do it themselves. Our classroom is set up to support their independence. The classroom is separated into more defined areas including blocks, reading, dramatic play and many more. Children are starting to communicate so teachers are involved in the centers to help children with communication skills. Children are starting to do large group activates such as calendar and circle time, getting them ready for preschool.

monkey (2)monkey (3)monkey (4)monkey

Happy Hippos (3 year old Preschool):

Turning three comes with more self-esteem and confidence to be independent. Structured lesson plans using the Creative Curriculum guide the three year olds become problem solvers and life long learners. Distinct centers in the classroom allow children to freely choose their activity and work with other children. Centers provide opportunities for early literacy and math skills along with science exploration.

In Our Classroom:

Learning centers are set up around the room to allow the three year olds to independently choose an activity. Daily group activities support three year olds developing communication and social skills. Music and movement is also a big part of our day, we just love moving our bodies.

hippos hippos (2)hippo (2)

Terrific Tigers (4 year old Preschool and Fives):

 As part of the statewide voluntary preschool program, our preschool room is taught by a licensed teacher and para professional.  We offer 12 hours of FREE preschool for all four year olds.  Children must be four years old by 9/15 each year.  This wonderful program works with the Dubuque Community School District.  Children are assessed three times throughout the year and information is shared with kindergarten teachers for the following year.

Inquiring minds full of many questions fill up our preschool room. Using the Creative Curriculum teachers plan activities that support four domains of development; social/emotional, physical, language and cognitive. Preschool is the time to prepare children for life long learning. Focusing on social skills language and conceptual skills prepares four and five year olds for kindergarten. A variety of activities are available for children’s ever changing interests. Large group, small group and individualized instruction also allows teachers to monitor children’s progress in preparing for kindergarten.

In Our Classroom:

As you enter our classroom you will see many different distinct centers. There are a total of 11 centers available to explore. The preschoolers are in charge of what they play with for the day and are able to move independently around the room depending on their interests. One of their favorite centers is our Young Explorer Computer especially designed for preschool children. Donated by IBM, children can choose games that focus on language, math, science, all while enhancing their technology skills.

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Zippy Zebras (School age):

Our transition program helps bridge the gap between school and home. Nutritious snacks are served as children arrive at Hills & Dales. A variety of activities will be available daily for school age children to choose from. Therapeutic options are also available including music therapy, sensory therapy, and laughing yoga. This fully inclusive program serves children with and without disabilities. Supportive teachers will work with the children and families to structure a program that will best fit the child.

Dining Area:

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