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Childcare Center and Preschool Staff


Dawn Fleming
Childcare Center Director


Staff Training

All staff members: Trained in CPR, First Aid, Universal Precautions and Mandatory Reporting. 10 hours of additional training are required annually for all staff. These trainings include developmentally appropriate practices, health/safety standards, and curriculum ideas. All trainings are approved through Childcare Resource and Referral.

New staff will receive the New Staff Orientation training through Iowa State University Extension. The director will also orientate new staff to Hills & Dales policies and licensing regulations. All trainings and orientations will be documented and kept on file for each staff.

Director: Hills & Dales Childcare Director will have all the above qualifications and trainings. The Director will also meet training requirements identified for QRS or other certification requirements by attending additional trainings and conferences each year. The director will hold monthly meetings and share information from trainings and conferences with staff members.

Child/Staff Ratios

Child to staff ratios are maintained in accordance with licensing standards established by the Department of Human Services.

  • Infants/Toddlers: 1 childcare staff to 4 children
  • Two-year olds: 1 childcare staff to 6 children
  • Three-year olds: 1 childcare staff to 8 children
  • Four-year olds: 1 childcare staff to 12 children
  • Five to Twelve-year olds: 1 childcare staff to 15 children
  • Children/adolescents 13-18 to be determined by Director