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Childcare Center and Preschool

Welcome to the Hills & Dales Childcare Center and Preschool! We are glad you are joining us and hope that our programs work well for you and your family. We believe that parents are the experts on their children. Our job is to supplement their care while the children are here with us. Open communication between parents and employees helps to develop and implement consistent expectations for the children. Since we are also individuals that are growing and changing, we welcome any comments and appreciate any suggestions that would improve the care we give.

Through the development of a preschool, childcare, and before and after school programming, all children and adolescents (0-18 years old), and those with and without disabilities, have the opportunity to learn and play in the same inclusive environment, therefore benefiting both groups.   No other childcare facility within Dubuque offers these opportunities. The programs and services at the Childcare & Preschool Center are currently supporting 94 infants and children, and will become self-sustaining with the potential capacity of 130 children and adolescents.

The Hills & Dales Childcare Center possesses a Level Five on the Quality Rating System. The QRS was developed to raise the quality of child care in Iowa, to increase the number of children in high-quality child care settings, and to educate parents about quality child care.  By participating in QRS, Hills & Dales demonstrates a desire to improve the quality of care and education the children receive.

The Childcare Center is located in the Hills & Dales Community Center behind Kennedy Mall on Stoneman Road.

Childcare Parent Testimonials:

“The staff at Hills & Dales is AMAZING.  Everyone in my son’s room is welcoming, friendly, and most of all know my little guy really well.  I love that he smiles when he gets to daycare and seems happy and excited to be there.  The staff is also very creative, flexible, and accommodating.  I feel 100% confident in their ability to take care of my little guy just like I would at home.

“Our kiddo is so happy going to “school” at Hills & Dales.  He never fusses at drop off because he loves being at such a fun, caring, and happy place!  That is so comforting to us as working parents.  The staff truly care and enjoy sharing fun and learning moments with the kids.”

“I can easily say that Hills & Dales has provided my daughters a safe, nurturing, loving environment.  Both girls cried on their first few days, but Hills & Dales soon became their home away from home.  However, the true testimonial comes from the actions of Charlotte. When she is not at school, her favorite activity is to pretend daycare.  She puts her dolls down for a nap, talks softly to them, and tells them not to cry because their mommies will be back soon.  She “paints” with them, serves them snack, and takes them on field trips.  It is obvious through her play that she loves her school and her teachers! (Once, we caught her sneaking ziploc bags out of the pantry to put on her hands as “gloves”, so we know you follow health and safety standards, too! Lol)”

“We were in a bind to find a great daycare facility last minute when our in home provider decided to close her doors.  From the moment I called Hills & Dales I knew I would like them.  On short notice they were able to get our Harlee into the Monkey room. Going from an in home to a facility was a huge change for her but Ms. Raizel and Ms. Tina made it an easy one.  Harlee transitioned very well with the help of the great staff. She is now a Hippo and loves her teachers Ms. Heather and Ms. Kayla- She always talks about school and what they did or played.  She also knows the names of everyone there and tells me them all in the mornings when we walk in.  We can’t say enough about all of you that work there.  Thank you all for what you do, and for taking such good care of our girl!”

“Since starting at Hills & Dales, Miles has really shown a vast improvement in his social skills.  Not only is he becoming more gentle and learning how to share, he is also learning so many new things!  He now knows his ABC’s and can count to 20.  Miles has also really bonded with his teachers, especially Raizel.  He talks about her often at home and when I see her interact with the kids it is obvious that she truly cares about them and really enjoys her job.  I feel so blessed to have such wonderful teachers and staff taking care of my son.”

“My daughter was not a fan of tummy time since the day she was born.  I asked her teachers to help us get her more familiar with Tummy Time during the day to improve her upper body muscle development.  Day after day the teachers honored this.  Before long she rolled over both ways and can now hang out on her Tummy for much longer periods of time!  A Big Thank you to the Cuddly Cubs Teachers at Hills and Dales!” -The Olsen Family

Hi, Lis – I wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much we love Hills and Dales and the teachers in the infant room. They are SO wonderful with Teddy and with me as a new parent!  I’m so happy that he loves coming to daycare and that I don’t worry about him one bit when he is there!