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Autism & Specialty Services

Hills & Dales Autism Services
Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy

Hills & Dales’ strong history of enhancing the quality of life for children and addressing the needs of the community led to establishing an autism focused program.

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) services are an individualized plan based on the person’s identified needs, and is a recognized treatment option for eligible children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Hills & Dales is offering the ABA services by Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) and supported by trained behavior technicians.  Supports include interventions and strategies, education, and case management leading to a successful outcome for the child and his/her family. Hills & Dales Autism Services clinics are located in Dubuque, Dyersville, and Maquoketa to provide ABA services for individuals all across Northeast Iowa.

“Hills & Dales continues to be excited to have the opportunity to offer ABA services and therapies throughout Northeast Iowa. We have supported children and young adults with autism through various community-based programs for many years. This program is certainly a benefit to the community and the persons and families in need of services,” stated Jack Mescher, Hills & Dales CEO.

For more information about ABA services contact 563-556-7878.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy

  • For children & adolescents (2-18) with autism diagnosis
  • Gold Standard and Evidence Based
  • Comprehensive skill building, while reducing challenging behaviors
  • Various Payment Options available

Services offered in four convenient clinic locations

  • Dubuque (2)
  • Dyersville
  • Maquoketa

Hills & Dales ABA Services Parent Testimonials:

“My name is Lakisha Ghnaimat-Plummer and I have a 7 year old son named Nas that has autism with an intellectual disability. Without their program I’d be pretty lost. Hills & Dales has been working with him hands-on for several years now. They give him structure and build a program and come up with strategies that’s just for him. Communication is key for me and we have that working together. I appreciate the personal relationship we have concerning Nas and questions that I might have are always answered. Hills & Dales is a God-send. Thank you!”
“You all are awesome!!   I took my son to the grocery store with me today.  As we went through the store I would ask him each of the items as I put it in the cart, and he identified all but one correctly!  When we walked down the nut isle, I asked him if he could eat them, and he said no.  He sat in the cart patiently, never asked to leave, saw several toys, and there was no screaming.  At the checkout I offered him two kinds of M&Ms, peanut butter cups, and a Hershey bar, and he picked the right one he could eat!  This trip to the store was after his schedule was thrown off this morning by having an alternate OT at therapy he was not expecting and after he busted me in his school twice.  Neither time he screamed or asked me to take him home.  He was not thrown at all!
Prior grocery trips involved a lot of screaming, sensory overload, begging to leave, and anxiety.  Today he was a rock star! Will this always happen, no, but it happened today!  ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) works, and I’m so thankful to Hills & Dales!  You’re awesome!”


Hills & Dales Notice of Privacy Practices for Autism and Specialty Services