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Why Give to Hills & Dales

“Hills & Dales and all of the workers have meant the world to our family.  Our daughter, Amanda, has lived as the residential facility since March of 1999.  The facility came highly recommended by one of our doctors at the University of Iowa Hospital.  Amanda came to Hills & Dales when she was 5 years old.  She was very small, meek, and attached to her family.  She has, over the years, grown into a remarkable young lady.  She not only has grown physically, but she is very social now and loves to be around people.  She has achieved more than we ever expected and isn’t done yet!  All of her progress is because of the hard work and love that she gets at Hills & Dales.  They definitely have become like family to us and we can’t imagine her anywhere else.”

The Amosson Family

Randy, Chris, Alec and Amanda

“We financially support Hills & Dales because we believe in our hearts that every person is a gift – with inherent dignity – and that every person is valuable to our society.  At Hills & Dales, everyone believes that as well, and lives it each day.”

Connie and Steve Hardie

 “We couldn’t have provided the social interaction that Alicia enjoyed if she were at home with us all the time. She loved being with her friends and the staff at the center. She got to go to school, on field trips, to Homecoming and football games. She loved her interactions with the wonderful, caring staff, and so did we as a family. All of this allowed Alicia to blossom into her own person. We are so blessed to have the Hills & Dales family in our own community.”

Ken and Judy Lochner


For more information about making a gift to Hills & Dales please contact the Development Office at (563) 556-7878 or