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Ways to Give


Online donations
You can support Hills & Dales right now with an online donation!

Cash/Credit Card/Check
Hills & Dales accepts gifts made with cash or by check and credit card.

  • If you would like to write a check or send cash, please mail your gift to the following address:

Hills & Dales
Attn: Development
1011 Davis Street
Dubuque, IA 52001

  • If you want to use a credit card and not donate on-line, please call us during our office hours at 563-556-7878.

Stock Gifts

Stocks, bonds, or other forms of securities that have appreciated in value are the next most common form of gift.  The tax advantages to the individual make them highly attractive.  Money market funds also make excellent gifts.

Planned Giving

  1. A bequest. Make Hills & Dales a beneficiary in a new or revised will or add a codicil to an existing will.
  2. A future gift from an IRA, pension or other qualified plan. Name Hills & Dales as a beneficiary of such plans.
  3. A gift annuity agreement. Enter into an agreement with Hills & Dales for a charitable gift annuity or a deferred gift annuity to provide a life income for one or two lives.
  4. An insurance policy. Make Hills & Dales the sole or partial beneficiary of a life insurance policy. You could also gift ownership of a policy to Hills & Dales for an immediate tax deduction.
  5. A trust. A charitable unitrust or annuity trust can benefit you, the donor today and the seminary in the future. A revocable trust arrangement can also benefit Hills & Dales in the future.
  6. A life estate. Make a gift to Hills & Dales of your home or farmland, retaining the use of the property during your lifetime.

*Please see your tax advisor, accountant, investment strategist or lawyer to make donation decisions that impact your taxable income, tax deductions and/or investment strategies.

Employer Matching

Employee matching gifts (also known as matching funds) are donations an employer makes to match its employees’ charitable contributions.

Employee matching gifts often are dollar-for-dollar, but some companies will give double or even triple the original donation. Some companies may also give matching gifts for employees’ volunteer efforts.

Procedures vary with each company. Typically, individuals must submit forms to their employers. They usually can get more information about their matching gift benefits from their human resources department.

Endow Iowa Tax Credit Information

On May 13, Governor Branstad signed SF 302 into law.  This measure increases funding for the Endow Iowa tax credit program by $800,000 annually to a total of $4,500,000 for the 2011 tax year.

By taking advantage of this tax credit, you can receive a state income tax credit of 25% of the donation, up to $100,000 annually.  This means that a couple in the 35% tax bracket can reduce the net cost of a $10,000 donation to $4,000 by combining federal deductions with the Endow Iowa credit.

Unlike annual gifts, the principle of an endowed gift is never spent; this means the recipient of your endowment can use the 5% annual interest earned to permanently eliminate an expese.

Visit or call the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque at 563-588-2700 to find out more about the Endow Iowa tax credit.

AmazonSmile:  Click here to support Hills & Dales through Amazon

The AmazonSmile Foundation is a 501(c)(3) private foundation created by Amazon to administer the AmazonSmile program. All donation amounts generated by the AmazonSmile program are remitted to the AmazonSmile Foundation. In turn, the AmazonSmile Foundation donates those amounts to the charitable organizations selected by our customers. Amazon pays all expenses of the AmazonSmile Foundation; they are not deducted from the donation amounts generated by purchases on AmazonSmile.


  • Search the web with and each time you do a search, GoodSearch will donate about a penny to our cause!
  • Shop online at and a percentage of each purchase will be donated to our cause! More than 2,400 top stores are participating including Target, Staples, Best Buy and more!

For more information about making a gift to Hills & Dales please contact the Development Office at (563) 556-7878 or