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Bogey Tales

History of the creation of Bogey Tales

Hills & Dales clients who attend the Life Training Program at the Hills & Dales Community Center adopted a special pet who brought many smiles and laughs to the individuals as they participated in their work activities.  “Bogey” a shiny black lab cross and his owner Bob, had been friends of Hills & Dales for several years.  Bob and Bogey come to Hills & Dales for the senior citizens programs several times a week. While Bob was having fun with his friends enjoying a warm lunch and a good game of cards, Bogey was busy entertaining many children and young adults that participate in the Hills & Dales  Life Training, Day Habilitation and the Childcare programs.

Some time ago the staff and clients began working on a project to create a product that the clients could do to earn more wages. Bogey’s frequent visits and wagging tail assisted in creating the idea to make a special dog treat from all natural ingredients.  Bogey helped the clients by being the taste tester for the gourmet treats. It didn’t take Bogey very long to know he would be offered many treats of different flavors on his visits to Hills & Dales.


Summer 2007 – Product idea was developed

Fall 2007 – Research and development phase began

December 2007 – LTC clients were first paid for their work and began selling treats to employees and close friends of Hills & Dales

Spring 2008 – Began selling the treats at Kwik Stop

Fall 2008 – Received a $5,000 grant from the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque to improve packaging and marketing/branding of the dog treats

Fall 2008 – The dog treat naming contest occurred in conjunction with a kid/pet focused event held by Kwik Stop

January 2009 – Bogey Tales name was officially trademarked

November 2010 – Nutritional contents were evaluated and verified

January 2011 – New package design was unveiled

February 2011 – Department of Agriculture & Land Stewardship License granted

Spring 2011 – Hold contracts with all area Kwik Stops, Theisen’s Home-Farm-Auto throughout Northeast Iowa, Sugar n Spice in Bellevue, as well as selling throughout the year at the Farmer’s Market, Kennedy Mall, and pet focused events

Summer 2012 – Calico Bean Market in downtown Dubuque started selling Bogey Tales

Why the project was created

Hills & Dales clients started making these all natural, healthy dog treats for the purpose to continue to carry out our mission of Building Meaningful Lives.  Making the dog treats gives clients who make the treats self pride along with a paycheck.

Why ‘Bogey’ was chosen

Bogey became the mascot for the treats and as the word spread about the tasty morsels it became evident that the new business would be named after our friend and pet. “Bogey Tales” dog treats.  Bogey‘s story and the clients love for him made a real difference for his friends at Hills & Dales.  In January of 2013, Bogey passed away, and his legacy as our dog treat namesake will live on even though he is no longer alive.

How and Where to purchase

We are currently producing Peanut Butter flavored dog treats.  They come in packages of 1 dozen or 2 dozen and you can purchase them at Theisen’s Home-Farm-Auto, the Hills & Dales Community Center, and The Calico Bean Market.

For questions about Bogey Tales please contact Kate Grebin at 563-556-7878 or

Hills & Dales Community Center

3505 Stoneman Road

Dubuque, Iowa