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The progress and success Danny has experienced since July 2012 is amazing.  This is a result of good programming and staff.  We visit him in his home twice a week and his staff treats him with respect.  They are making a positive impact on the lives of all the individuals they support.  Hills & Dales has improved Danny’s life and in turn the lives of his family.  Thank You.

*Verlyn and Leanna Haahr, Parents

I had thought of volunteering at Hills & Dales for some time, but said to myself, it would be too depressing and difficult to see children with major disabilities.  Oh, how mistaken I was!  Sure, you do see persons with severe handicaps; and you also witness firsthand the joy and satisfaction of being part of their life.  Being able to help them grow and learn about the world that they too live in, along with sharing in their happiness and yes, their frustrations, adds to my peace of mind and contentment.  As I spend time with them and see their smiles and hear their laughter; this makes it all worthwhile.  Thank You to all the residents and staff.

*Doug Kruser, Volunteer

I started working for Hills & Dales over 14 years ago as a Personal Assistant while in college. While gaining hands-on and supervisory experience I have successfully become a director for Hills & Dales.  This position allows me to walk out of work daily feeling that I have personally helped with making a difference in someone’s life. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Hills & Dales as an agency!

*Michelle Schmitt, HCBS Director

I have worked at Hills & Dales for 42 years.  I enjoy all of the opportunities I receive here.  During my time here, I have primarily worked in Dietary Services, but have also been able to branch out and work directly with clients as well.

*Carol Link, Dietary Services Assistant