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Our Mission

Hills & Dales is dedicated to building meaningful lives for individuals with disabilities by offering services that support the whole person and enhance community inclusion.


Our Values

  • Quality of Life for All
  • Teamwork
  • Safe and Healthy Environment
  • Initiative
  • Creativity
  • Innovation


Vision Statements

Service — Hills & Dales services are provided based on quality-driven standards. We continually evaluate, improve and expand programs and services to respond to the evolving needs, desires and choices of persons with disabilities.

Hills & Dales is a culturally diverse place where each staff member is proud to carry out the mission of the organization. Hills & Dales is persistent in recognizing staff achievements, and providing on-going training and development opportunities in an environment that supports and provides creative thinking, open communication and feedback.

Community Relations — Hills & Dales is an advocate for public policy which supports the needs, desires and choices of persons with disabilities. Hills & Dales is recognized within the community as the leading resource by and for persons with disabilities and considered by the community as a priority for charitable giving.

Finance and Resources — Hills & Dales advocates for public policy that assures adequate resources are available to support the needs and desires of persons with disabilities. Hills & Dales will honor our obligation to stakeholders through efficiently managing public and private resources.