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Board of Directors

Tallent1The Hills & Dales Board of Directors is unwavering in its commitment to our mission, building meaningful lives for individuals with disabilities, while recognizing the magnitude of its responsibility as a steward of taxpayer dollars. The membership of this Board, values strength in diversity and works to maintain a keen balance of professional expertise and personal interest. This Board acts as the operating branch of the organization, and oversees the establishment of organization policies, strategic visions/plans for the future of Hills & Dales, mission implementation, and reviews and approves budgets and operational plans.

President Tori Richter

Vice President Tom Kane

Secretary/Treasurer Keith Bibelhausen

Past President Mike Ruden


Dr. Tom Callahan

Joyce Connors

Brian Kane

Debra McGinnis

Jack Mescher

Tony Pfohl

Mark Phalen

Jill Reimer

Jim Weber

Jamie Barwick Hills & Dales Foundation Board of Directors:

The Jamie Barwick Hills & Dales Foundation was created in 1996 to advocate for the ongoing financial well-being and sustainability of Hills & Dales and those supported by the organization and its mission. Currently, Eric Foy serves as President for this group of talented and dedicated community and business leaders who have stepped forward and accepted the challenge of serving this organization through their efforts to support the development and community awareness of Hills & Dales.

Eric Foy

President Eric Foy

Foundress Elaine Barwick, 1927-2019

Vice President Keith Sindberg

Secretary/Treasurer Rob McDonald


Gary Dolphin

Tom Flogel

Connie Hardie

Steve Hardie

Ric Jones

Al Krueger

Judy Lochner

John Markham

Kelly Myers

John Tallent

Chris Theisen

Jim Weber