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About Us

Hills & Dales was founded in 1973 by Elaine Barwick to care for her son who had significant disabilities. The organization currently serves and supports individuals from 22 counties throughout Eastern Iowa. Services occur at our Residential Center, in an individual’s home, or at the Hills & Dales Community Center. The mission of Hills & Dales is to build meaningful lives for individuals with disabilities by offering services that support the whole person and enhance community inclusion.

Hills & Dales is now recognized in Northeast Iowa as a leader and advocate for people with disabilities. The organization values a quality of life that enhances dignity, upholds rights and encourages choices. Hills & Dales maintains a focus and emphasis in serving people who have significant disabilities and who are medically fragile. Hills & Dales has recently initiated a pilot project to dedicate a home for children with autism, and who have behavioral challenges as well. The organization continues to receive over 250 referrals a year for disability service needs. Due to a limited number of providers for service and a cap on residential services, each of our community service programs has grown exponentially in the past three years.

Community inclusion is not only emphasized by Hills & Dales, but has also been the focus for the state and national advocacy initiatives for the disability community as a whole over the last few years. Through the programs and services available at the Hills & Dales Community Center, the organization has an increased presence in the community and the opportunity to take another step toward removing barriers and enhancing community inclusion for individuals with disabilities. This center has also allowed Hills & Dales the opportunity to educate members of the community and develop a culture of acceptance where we as a community should appreciate and value others no matter their age or ability.

Hills & Dales Residential Center